What is Akrama Sakrama in Bangalore?

What must happen before a building can be constructed in Bangalore?

Before a building can be built in Bangalore, the Building Plan for the construction must first be sanctioned (approved) by the concerned government authority like BDA, BBMP, BIAAPA, etc. These government authorities sanction a Building Plan only if it meets all the bye-laws, regulations and policies as set forth by that government authority.

Some examples of bye-laws are Setback rules (these specify how much space there must be between the building and the property boundary on all sides), Floor to Area Ratio (this specifies the density of the construction for a given site).

Why are Municipal Bye-Laws important?

The bye-laws, regulations and policies set forth by the governmental bodies ensure two things:

  1. Safety

    First and foremost, the bye-laws ensure that any building that is constructed is safe for people to occupy. A lot of buildings in Bangalore today are either based on plans that have not been sanctioned by the concerned authorities or are buildings that deviate in a significant way from the plans that have actually been sanctioned. These buildings are potentially dangerous to occupy.

  2. Quality of Living

    The second role of these bye-laws is to go about allowing development to happen in a planned and organized manner which ultimately leads to a better quality of life for all citizens. For example, the Setback Rules ensure that there is a minimum amount of distance between one house and another right next to it. This ensures that there is enough room for light and fresh air.

What is Akrama Sakrama?

Many buildings in Bangalore either do not have an approved Building plan from the concerned authority or deviate from the plan that the authorities approved. This essentially means that part of the buildings that deviate from these bye-laws or in some cases the entire building must be demolished. The Karnataka government faced with a big dilemma since demolishing such a huge number of buildings will not be possible and will be a very unpopular move. Therefore the government came up with a scheme called Akrama Sakrama to address the situation.

Under the Akrama Sakrama scheme the government plans to regularise those properties which are deviating from the bye-laws by up to 50% (fifty percent). This means that those building owners who fall within this 50% deviation can pay a penalty/fine and the government would then consider their properties to be regularised and issue a Certificate of Completion for those buildings.

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