Approved Layouts in Bangalore

What are the steps for layout approval in Bangalore?

Step 1: Apply for DC Conversion

In general, agriculture is the only activity that the government permits on all land in Karnataka. Therefore if a developer/builder wishes to construct houses on a piece of land, or build a factory on it, or use it for any other non-agricultural purpose then they have to apply to the District Commissioner (DC) of the area to convert the land to allow non-agricultural use. This procedure is called DC Conversion.

Step 2: Prepare Layout Plan

In the next step the developer/builder hires an Architect or a Registered Engineer to come up with the Layout Plan. This plan should abide by all the bye-laws and regulations of the appropriate Planning Authority that is responsible for evaluating and approving the Layout.

Step 3: Layout Plan Review and Approval by the Competent Planning Authority

In the final step the appropriate Planning Authority reviews the Plan submitted by the developer/builder. Only after the authority finds that all the appropriate bye-laws and regulations are being followed by the layout plan, the layout is approved. The Planning authority releases the site numbers for the layout. These site numbers can be used by the developer/builder for marketing the layout to potential buyers.

Which authorities can approve a layout in Bangalore?

Depending on exactly where the land is located, one of the following Planning Authorities are responsible for the review and final approval of the Layout Plan.

  • Bangalore Development Authority (BDA)

    The BDA is responsible for review and approval of all layouts in land that falls inside the Bangalore City limits.

  • Bangalore Metropolitan Region Development Authority (BMRDA)

    The BMRDA is responsible for all layouts in land that falls outside the Bangalore City limits (within approximately 50 kms).

  • Bangalore International Airport Area Planning Authority (BIAAPA)

    BIAAPA is responsible for all layouts in land that lies very close to the Bangalore International Airport.

  • Lake Development Authority (LDA)

    LDA is responsible for all layouts in land that lies very close to lakes.

  • Bangalore Mysore Infrastructure Corridor Area Planning Authority (BMICPA)

    BMICPA is responsible for all layouts that lie close to the Bangalore Mysore Infrastructure Corridor.

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