What is Akrama Sakrama in Bangalore?

What must happen before a building can be constructed in Bangalore? Before a building can be built in Bangalore, the Building Plan for the construction must first be sanctioned (approved) by the concerned government authority like BDA, BBMP, BIAAPA, etc. These government authorities sanction a Building Plan only if it meets all the bye-laws, regulations […]

What is a Sale Deed in Bangalore?

What is a Sale Deed? A Real Estate transaction in Bangalore is considered legally complete only after it has been signed by the Seller and Buyer. The document that finalises or completes the Real Estate transaction is called the Sale Deed. After a Sale Deed is signed by both parties it serves to identify that […]

BDA No Objection Certificate (NOC)

What is a BDA No Objection Certificate? A BDA No Objection Certificate (NOC) is a document issued by the Bangalore Development Authority. It serves two primary purposes: Firstly, the BDA NOC document for a piece of land confirms that at the time it was issued, there was no notification from the BDA to acquire the […]

6 Steps to follow when purchasing a Layout in Bangalore

What steps can I take to protect myself while purchasing a property in a layout in Bangalore? Step 1. Hire a good lawyer who can help you through the process. Step 2. With the help of the lawyer, verify that the land on which the layout is based is actually owned by the developer/builder. This […]