What are Revenue Sites or Revenue Lands or Revenue Pockets in Bangalore?

What are Revenue Sites or Revenue Lands or Revenue Pockets in Bangalore?

In general the government of Karnataka allows land in the state to be used only for agricultural purposes. Therefore, in order to build a house on a piece of land, the land must go through what is referred to as DC Conversion or Land Use Conversion by the Deputy Commissioner. It is legal to build a house only on those lands which have been converted from agricultural to non-agricultural use.

Bangalore City has grown tremendously in the last few decades and as part of its expansion people have bought and built houses on land that was originally part of the villages that surrounded the city. Often times the houses that have been built in these surrounding villages are on sites that have not yet gone through the DC Conversion process, which makes the construction that has been done on these sites illegal. These lands are known as Revenue Sites or Revenue Lands.

In other cases, even though no construction has been done on the site yet, Developers convert the agricultural lands into Residential Layouts without going through the DC Conversion process. Thus lands where no construction has been performed yet, but on which layouts have still been made can also be called Revenue Sites if no DC Land Conversion has been done on them.

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