What is a BDA Lease-Cum-Sale Agreement?

What does the BDA do?

The BDA was established in 1976 and since then is the organization that is responsible for the planned growth of Bangalore City proper. It ensures that the development of Bangalore City is happening in an orderly manner.

What types of developments does the BDA undertake?

The BDA undertakes many types of developments in order to meet the goals stated above such as building Commercial Complexes, building Parks for the public, etc. One such development that the BDA undertakes is the formation of planned layouts.

Applying and being allotted a site in a BDA Layout

Once these layouts are formed, applicants can apply to purchase a site in them. The important thing to note is that the purchase price of these sites in BDA layouts are almost always less than the market value of the sites. The BDA allots the sites to those applicants who do not already own a home. Thus, the BDA ensures that it does not allot sites to speculators, investors or those who are already well to do and who are looking to sell the site immediately after purchase for a quick profit.

What is a Lease-Cum-Sale Agreement?

In order to prevent those who have been allotted BDA Layout sites from immediately selling the site for a quick profit, the BDA does not give full ownership to the purchaser. The BDA makes the purchasers enter into a Lease-Cum-Sale-Agreement.

Through this agreement, the purchaser is considered to be Sale Deed in favor of the purchaser which gives the purchaser full ownership of the site.

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