What is a Survey Number and Hissa Number in Karnataka?

Who does Land Surveys in Karnataka? The Karnataka Survey Department is responsible for performing surveys of all land in Karnataka. Why is Land Survey done? A Land Survey is undertaken so that the government can have a record of the location, the shape and ownership information of each piece of land in Karnataka. This record […]

What is Sakala in Bangalore?

What is Sakala in Bangalore? Sakala which is pronounced “Sa-Kaala” is the name given by the Karnataka Government to its new effort to provide government services in an fast and efficient manner to its citizens. Which real-estate services are covered under this drive? While the Sakala drive covers services that span many government departments, following […]

Top 15 Real Estate Problems in Bangalore Buyers Should be Aware of

Here are the top 15 Real Estate problems you should be aware of when purchasing a property in Bangalore: Seller does not own the property. Fake Title Deeds produced You pay the advance for a property based on Title Deeds that the Seller shows. The documents are fake and the seller does not own the […]

What is Akrama Sakrama in Bangalore?

What must happen before a building can be constructed in Bangalore? Before a building can be built in Bangalore, the Building Plan for the construction must first be sanctioned (approved) by the concerned government authority like BDA, BBMP, BIAAPA, etc. These government authorities sanction a Building Plan only if it meets all the bye-laws, regulations […]

6 Steps to follow when purchasing a Layout in Bangalore

What steps can I take to protect myself while purchasing a property in a layout in Bangalore? Step 1. Hire a good lawyer who can help you through the process. Step 2. With the help of the lawyer, verify that the land on which the layout is based is actually owned by the developer/builder. This […]