Convert B-Khata Certificate to A-Khata Certificate

Difference between a B-Khata Certificate and an A-Khata Certificate?

A B-Khata Certificate is a document that is issued by the Bangalore Bruhat Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) in situations where a property does not follow the required Building Regulations and Laws.

An A-Khata Certificate is issued by the BBMP to those properties which it considers to conform to all the necessary Building Regulations and Laws.

How can I convert a B-Khata Certificate to an A-Khata Certificate?

The first step to convert a B-Khata Certificate to an A-Khata Certificate is to apply for District Commissioner (DC) Conversion to convert the land from agricultural to non-agricultural use.

The next step would be to ensure that all Property Taxes that are owed on the property are fully paid till date.

The final step will be to pay BBMP Betterment Charges. These are charges that the BBMP collects for putting in place various infrastructure improvements to areas such as installing street lights, laying out the drainage system, building roads etc.

Should I buy a property which has an A-Khata Certificate or a B-Khata Certificate?

It is important to understand that it is always safer to go for properties that have A-Khata Certificates for them. This is because firstly the conversion from B to A Certificate involves a lot of bureaucratic hurdles as mentioned above. However, a bigger reason to do so is that you have to be certain that BBMP will accept the Betterment Charges you are willing to pay on your property and allow you to proceed with the conversion. One way to be certain that BBMP will accept the Betterment Charges for your property is when the BBMP issues a notice for your area indicating so.

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