What is the difference between A Khata and B Khata?

What is the difference between an A and B Khata?

The Khata serves two purposes:

  1. Property Owner’s Viewpoint

    The Khata tells the property owner how much property taxes to pay the government. It is also used by property owners when they want to apply for various licenses from the government. The Khata is also demanded by Banks before a loan is granted on the property.

  2. Government’s Viewpoint

    The Khata is issued to a property owner after the property has been registered with the Sub-Registrar’s Office. This allows the government to keep track of how much property taxes to expect for a property. This also allows the government to identify who is primarily responsible to pay the property taxes on the property.

“A” Khata Certificate

As part of the registration process, the Karnataka government ensures that the property being registered and issued a Khata Certificate conforms to all the Building Byelaws and regulations. Only if the property meets the appropriate regulations will the government register the property and issue the Khata certificate. The document that is issued to such a property which the government considers to have met all regulations is called an A Khata Certificate.

“B” Khata Certificate

However, in many situations the government found properties in Karnataka enjoy the benefits provided by the government (for example – roads, drainage, water, street lights etc) without paying property taxes in return. These properties were usually in violation of building byelaws. The government started issuing the B Khata Certificate as a way to bring these properties into the government’s records and charge property taxes on them. Having this document still will NOT allow the property owner to apply for licenses from the government or obtain loans on the property. However, having a B Khata on a property will allow the property to be sold and bought by people.

What are some common situations where a property can only have a B Khata Certificate?

The B Khata Certificate is the only type of Khata Certificate that can be issued when the any of the following common situations apply:

  • When the property lies in layout that has not been authorized by the Bangalore Development Authority (BDA) or by the Bruhat Bangalore Mahanagara Palike (BBMP)
  • When the property lies in a Layout on Revenue Land that has not gone through Deputy Commissioner (DC) Conversion to allow non-agricultural use.
  • When a property has not gone through the appropriate plan approval
  • When a property does not have an “Occupancy Certificate”


  1. Rathan says

    Sir please give info
    01 – BDA noc the documents required and the Government fees
    02 – How to obtain BIAPPA / BMRDA approval and the Government Fees
    03 – How to do DC conversion the documents and Government Fees.
    04 – How to obtain BIAPPA / BMRDA noc
    05 – How to obtain Panchayat approval for G + 3 Apartments

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