What is a Gramathana Site?

What is a Gramathana Site?

A Gramathana Site is a site inside village limits which can be used for residential purposes. In many cases the site is surrounded by agricultural lands, but the Gramathana Site itself can be used for non-agricultural purposes.

Gramathana Sites and Village Panchayats

The Municipal Planning Authorities allow village panchayats (governing organizations) to sanction the construction of houses on Gramathana land. Through this the Municipal Planning Authorities limit and manage the amount of land villages can convert from agricultural to non-agricultural purposes. Gramathana lands usually lie in the periphery of cities but fall inside village limits.

Exercising Caution for Gramathana Sites

Buyers must be very careful when looking to purchase Gramathana land. They will need to ensure that the documents that are being provided by the seller are genuine and that non-agricultural use for the land is actually allowed. These steps are necessary since in some cases documents indicating a land as Gramathana are fraudulent. In other cases village governing bodies issue papers designating a site as Gramathana but the site in reality still cannot be used for non-agricultural purposes such as construction of a house. It is best to avail the services of a good lawyer if you are interested in purchasing Gramathana Land.

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