What is a Survey Number and Hissa Number in Karnataka?

Who does Land Surveys in Karnataka?

The Karnataka Survey Department is responsible for performing surveys of all land in Karnataka.

Why is Land Survey done?

A Land Survey is undertaken so that the government can have a record of the location, the shape and ownership information of each piece of land in Karnataka. This record then becomes useful in many situations such as resolving disputes in the future, for planning the development of areas surrounding cities, etc.

What happens in a Land Survey?

As part of the survey the Surveyors physically come to the land and determine the boundaries of each property. Any naturally occurring markers that indicate the boundaries of properties are recorded. If no naturally occurring markers are found, stone or concrete markers are often laid to distinguish one property from another. The end result of land surveys are maps which contain the shape and size of each property surveyed.

What is a Survey Number?

A Survey Number is a unique number given by the Survey Department to a piece of land. Multiple Survey Numbers can be assigned to land owned by the same individual or group. Each Survey Number is usually created as the Surveyor sees fit in order to distinguish the piece of land in some way. For example, land which is cultivated with a certain crop could be designated a Survey Number by the Surveyor.

What is a Hissa Number?

When a piece of land which has been assigned a Survey Number is divided into multiple Sub-Divisions, each Sub-Division is assigned what is known as a “Hissa Number”.

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